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Nova Steel Tanks

Amar Wood Industries Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, is the pioneer in manufacturing Stainless Steel Water Tanks (304/316 grade). We’ve been manufacturing the best quality Stainless steel water tanks for the last 15 years and we can proudly say that our customers are hydrated safely. We manufacture Water Tanks from sizes 30 to 7500 liters using Seam Welding Technology which incorporates a fusion of two metals without the use of any foreign filler material thus ensuring rust-proof welding for a lifetime. Stainless steel tanks have been the go-to tanks for various companies and individuals. Here is why:

  1. Steel is very durable. It is always in excellent condition even after decades of use.
  2. It is completely resistant to extreme temperatures.
  3. It completely avoids the risk of the growth of bio-mass
  4. Stainless steel is resistant to environmental risks
  5. It is anti-corrosive in nature
  6. It is risk-free in terms of any chances of a chemical reaction. Therefore, no risk of contamination.
  7. Our tanks do not require frequent cleaning or regular maintenance. They also come with a longer shelf life.
  8. When water is stagnant in a Stainless Steel tank, it doesn't allow the formation of scale. This helps in maintaining smooth water flow in the entire house.

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