Which SS Grade Tanks Is Best For My Water Supply?

SS 304 - For RO/ Drinking Water & Corporation Water (tds < 500) SS 316 - Borewell Water - (tds < 2000)

Why Should I Buy NOVA Water Storage Tanks?

These ss tanks are built to last. Our company has been into the business of manufacturing of stainless steel water tanks for over 10 years now and you can count on our experience.

Which Information I Should Provide Before Buying These Tanks?

Select water storage capacity required, keeping in mind the future additional reserve needed. Select the fitting size of pipe like 1" or 1.5" etc for Inlet , Outlet , Over Flow and Drain Holes , Size of Tank in height and diameter taking care of the space available for water tank installation. Delivery,Location and time of delivery.

What Area Do You Serve?

We supply S.S Tanks across India and have a tie up with all leading transporters for delivery of these S.S Tanks

Are NOVA Tanks Safe For Drinking Water?

The material used to manufacture Plastic water tank is nothing but Petrochemical which facilitate bacterial growth and also loses its structural integrity when exposed to sun. Whereas NOVA water tanks are made of 100% pure stainless steel plates of grade 304 / 316 BA/2B and offer the best solution for the storage of potable water.

What Kind Of Service Do You Normally Provide?

Buyers of our Water storage tanks rely on us for 1 - Storage consultation, specification and tank installation. 2 - Tank, maintenance and inspection services.

How Much Water Temperature Will Change?

Temperature of Water inside S.S Tanks is 3 to 5 degrees cooler than plastic / concrete tanks because of three main resons. a)Non Porous nature of S.S Tanks (Sun Light does not penetrate inside the tank. b) Elevated Installation from the ground( as s.s tanks come with 1.5 feet height stand). c)Mirror Polish Finish ensures 100% Heat Reflection .Hence No temperature build up ..

How Often Do I Need To Clean And Maintain My Tanks ?

Inside of Tank Over time impurities and sand settle down on in tank bottom. Open the drain valve for few minutes, first the mud will come out then as clear water starts to come out close the drain valve Do this once a month. Outside of Tank Tanks outer body keep clean & wash once in 6 months to avoid dust/mud deposit Do this once in 6 months

What If Pipe Connections At Site Are Made Of G.I. / S.S. Or UPVC And Exposed In Direct Sun.?

In case of GI pipes use Brass MT for connection GI pipe to SS Tank connectors to isolate GI from SS material.For UPVC / CPVC Fittings the fittings can be directly connected to the male thread of the tank nipples provided and pre fitted by us